About Us.

Your one stop service provider for today and beyond.

Beyond The Sky Tours and Travel Bureau (BSTTB)

Incorporated as a Limited Company in 2009 in Kampala Uganda, We take pride in providing an intimate and personalized service to you our esteemed client. Our service is tailored to your personal taste, budget and time.

Our main objective is to offer tour and travel services here and beyond, working with people of different nationalities despite their different cultural backgrounds such that together we can show case the beautiful hidden treasures of the entire world to you through the great network of BEYOND THE SKY at very affordable rates. Since 2009, Beyond the Sky has extended its services to Beijing China, Kinshasa, and Bunia in Ituri -Democratic republic of Congo. Beyond the Sky is committed to responsible and informed travel, a passion we have shared with thousands of travelers worldwide.

Our Clients.

The company fills a vital gap in the tourism sector and provides tour and travel services to all forms of clientele, from individuals to teams, and organizations; ranging from public to private entities.

Our Staff.

Our staff has an invaluable wealth of experience of over 16 combined years as competent Travel and Tour Consultants. We go the extra mile in pursuing our clients' interests beyond their expectations.

Our Products.

We have a wide range of products including; air ticketing, escape safaris: (Wild game viewing, gorilla and chimpanzee safaris, bird watching, white-water rafting, camping safaris, nature walks, and cultural safaris), hotel booking and reservations, educational trips, and car-hire services within the East Africa region and beyond.

We also offer travel support services to our customers. These include advice on health and weather, visa formalities, money transfer and travel insurance coverage.


To ensure quality and extended service, we are affiliated to several organizations, among them are; International Air Transport Association (IATA), The Uganda Association of Travel Agents (TUGATA), the Association of Uganda Tour Operators(AUTO) and Congolese Business Federation (FEC).

Contact Information

Metropole House, 8-10 Entebbe Road
P.O Box 36671, Kampala, Uganda
Office No. G.5
Telephone Contact:
+256-414 250 359
+256-393 108 052
+256-752 645 006
+256-752 645 005
+256-414 250 358

Boulevard, Deliberation
Lumumba Trilex Business Centre
1ere Niveau No.24 Bunia
Du Congo
+243-848 420 571
+243-848 420 627
+256-752 645 005

Beyond The Sky Tours and Travel Bureau Kinshasa
Uganda House, 17 Tombalbaye/Tarbley, Gombe Commune,
N.R.C KG12177m/1.Nat 01-849-N64465M.
B.P.2591 Kinshasa Gombe R.D.C
+243-848 420 626
+243-822 519 223
+243-995 816 596
+243 990 422 233
+243-848 420 621
+243-825 652 989